Jessica began her personal journey with Chinese medicine over 10 years ago, turning to acupuncture after a major car accident and modern treatments and recommendation had failed.  After countless medications, tests, and specialists resulting in little to no change, acupuncture eradicated the neck and low back pain with months of consistent treatment, with the results lasting to this day.  Having a background in Western medicine and Pharmacology, Jessica was drawn to figure out why Eastern medicine had worked. She was drawn to this science after understanding the theoretical knowledge combined the medical skills that had proven to be so highly effective, a combination which is both elegant and extremely useful in today’s modern world.
Leaving her background in Western Medicine and Pharmaceutical life behind, Jessica studied at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan and Easter School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in Montclair NJ where she received her Master in Acupuncture. With a combined knowledge and training she was trained in several different styles of acupuncture, as well as biomedical physiology and pathology.  She has over 1,000 clinical and didactic hours in the acupuncture styles of Channel Palpation Theory (CPT), Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture (KM), Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), Trigger Point,  Auricular Acupuncture, and Cosmetic Acupuncture. Using these style of practice, alongside adjunct therapies such as cupping, gua sha, electric stimulation, and manual orthopedic manipulation, Jessica has helped many athletes, dancers, runners, and fitness enthusiasts return to physical health after trauma, injury, repetitive strain, and physical or mental exhaustion. Jessica draws on her own experience as a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast dealing with her own injuries to inform her treatments.